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23/12 Bangla Road, Soi Sea Dragon 83150 Phuket,
Phone: 61413570476

Our Promise To You

Why choose Celebrity InkTattoo Phuket, because we are committed to delivering a safe sterile working environment for our customers and staff along with producing breathtaking quality tattoos including a money back guarantee policy. We have core values and do everything in our power to ensure 100% customer satisfaction along with complying to international hygiene standards. Our clients always go home speechless, our tattoos speak for themselves. Our customers return time and time again, sometimes even just to say hello. Celebrity Ink has a passion for presentation of fine body art. We are upfront with our customers right from the beginning we will quote our jobs, there will be no hidden extras or hourly rates to worry about going over your budget, regardless how long your tattoo takes the price will remain the same, that way we can take our time to achieve maximum results without costing you a fortune. We will only ever allow qualified artists to carry out your tattooing procedure. Celebrity Ink™ Tattoo Phuket isn't just a tattoo studio we are a brand, a brand people can trust. We are a trademarked company with a board of Directors, Ceo, Managers, Sterilisation Technicians, Consultants and 31 Artists. We are serious about business and are always looking for ways to improve so we excel your highest expectations. We treat every customer personally and as individuals. Our staff will always be honest and give you expert advice with an artistic opinion. Celebrity Ink™ Tattoo keep records of inks used and batch numbers for your peace of mind. In the future you may also wish to get a tattoo back in your country of origin or elsewhere in the world and may need to match fonts/writing etc we will have this information on our customer data base. As a valued Celebrity Ink™ customer we will always offer competitive prices in comparison to our international competitors. Our customers are people that care about their health and tattoos that they will be proud to display for an eternity.' We stand behind our name.'

If we weren't up to your expectations please let us know via email: info@celebrityinktattoophuket.com

Or sms +61413570476

Become a Celebrity

Email us today for an appointment with one of our 31 specialty artists or  stop by our studios between 9am until midnight for a free consultation.