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23/12 Bangla Road, Soi Sea Dragon 83150 Phuket,
Phone: 61413570476

Internationally Recognised Hygiene Levels

Before entering this state of the art tattoo studio you must first remove your shoes then sanitise your hands at the sanitising dispenser, by doing this it controls any germs you may be carrying on your shoes or hands prior to entry. Celebrity Ink™ is one of the very few licensed pattaya tattoo studios in Phuket. We comply to the Workplace Health and Safety Standards Australia (WHS) and follow all OHS guidelines set by the Professional Tattoo Association of Australia. Celebrity InkTattoo Phuket only ever operates NEW single use DISPOSABLE NEEDLES and NEW INK CAPS along with NEW PLASTIC DISPOSABLE TIPS AND TUBES for every customer. When the tattoo procedure is complete these items are safely disposed of indefinitely.
We have listed a few tips that can be used throughout tattoo studios worldwide including Celebrity Ink™ Tattoo Patong Phuket

ARTSAFE CHECKLIST (As Per Australian Standards)

1. Go and take a look at the studio, does it look clean ?
    (As a general rule it should look as clean and tidy as a dental surgery).

2. Are the staff happy to answer your questions ?

3. Can the staff explain to you about the code of practice for skin penetration procedures ?

4. Artists to wash/sanitise hands at the beginning, the end and whenever there is a break in the procedure.

5. Artists will always wear new disposable sterile gloves when working.

6. Make sure the studio has (and users) an autoclave for all the items that are not disposable.

7. Ensure the studio users NEW NEEDLES and NEW RAZORS which are disposed of at the end of the tattooing

8. The artist MUST always open sealed, sterile packets of equipment in your presence.

9. The preparation equipment (spatulas, stencils) are once only.

10. Transfers, cleaning solutions, creams are all single use only and inks are in new small sterile pots, then
      discard the left overs - NEVER returning into stock.

11. The artist will clean and disinfect your skin thoroughly before penetration.

12. The work area is to be cleaned thoroughly between clients.

Our name says it all "WE WILL MAKE YOU A CELEBRITY"

Not Only For The Rich And Famous

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