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Frequently Ask Questions

How do I get an appointment?

Book an appointment with Adaptavant at Ascendas using SetMore

How can a pay for my new tattoo?

We accept all currencies along with Credit Card, Paypal, net banking and Western Union. Celebrity Ink also offers payment plans.

When should I get my tattoo done?

We recommend your tattoo procedure should be on the second last day of your holiday so you can still swim and enjoy the sun and everything else the beautiful island of Phuket has to offer or when it suits you best. Its also a good idea to stop past when you first arrive to finalise designs and share ideas with our Artistic Consultants.

Do you allow walk in’s?

Yes we do, however it's much better to make an appointment, it allows us time to prepare for your new work of art. It also gives us time to secure the best artist for the style tattoo your after.

Does it hurt?

It depends on your personal pain threshold, personally I think it feels like minor sunburn, however its bearable and very little discomfort, hence why customers are always returning for more.

I can get it cheaper in another studio!

I’ve seen some really poor tattoos from cheap studios throughout the world, save your money and do it right the first time, do your research, check reviews and word of mouth from family and friends. Follow your instincts, your new tattoo is there for a lifetime and you want it to be right. Your health is our number 1 priority.

Is there an age limit to be tattooed in Thailand?

A. Yes there is, the legal age is 15.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on size, colour or black and grey, We will quote per job rather then per hour, that way you know exactly what you're getting for your money. It also allows us to take our time without costing you a fortune (click here) for a free quote.

Where do you get your ink from?

We use Vegan safe INK direct from the USA, we can also provide proof of purchase receipts, along with all SDS (Safety Data Sheets) if required.

How long will my tattoo take to heal?

Depending how well you take care of your new ink most will heal within 14 days.

Can I swim or shower after a tattoo?

Unfortunately no swimming in the pool or sea for 2 weeks or until the scab is completely healed. You may shower 1 hour after your tattoo however no soaking in spa/baths and no saunas. Also pat the tattoo dry and do not rub it. Do not apply any aftercare balm for 3 days after your new tattoo.

I'm short on time, my partner doesn't want to waste our holiday sitting in a tattoo studio, how can we speed up my tattoo process?

Depending on the position of your tattoo/s, We may allocate 2 artists to work on you at the same time.

Do you do the traditional bamboo style tattooing?

Yes we do the traditional bamboo method along with the modern machine style.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Yes, Celebrity Ink is wheelchair friendly, this was taken into consideration when the studio was in the design process.

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